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    Suburban Cook and Other Surrounding Counties

    Western areas John (708) 337-0032 DuPage areas Susie (630) 788-6050 Western Cook Esther (708) 715-0704 Southern areas Cliff (773) 636-6357 or Cheryl (773) 860-1804

    Chicago ( Near and Far South Sides )

    Cheryl (773) 860-1804 Cliff (773) 636-6357 Karen (773) 860-1803

    Chicago ( West Sides )

    Sara (Habla espanol) (773) 860-1807 John (708) 337-0032 Susie (630) 788-6050 Karen (773) 860-1803

    Chicago ( North Sides )

    Sara (Habla espanol) (773) 860-1807 Susie (630) 788-6050

    Rockford Area

    Sara (708) 935-1320


    Every Wednesday our lovely, dedicated volunteers gather to pack safer drug use kits and various outreach materials to promote the health and wellbeing of people who use drugs in Chicago and beyond. Without these folks, we couldn’t do what we do.
    Have you thought about volunteering for CRA, find out what is involved on out volunteering info page.
    CRA Volunteers putting together kits

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