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Found A Syringe?

A short step by step guide to what people need to do if they find a used syringe. (Note: There has never been a reported case of transmission of HIV via a community found syringe accidental needle stick).

What to do

  1. Stay Calm
  2. Make sure you can clearly see and move around the needle
  3. Bring your sharps container or alternative to the needle
  4. Put on gloves
  5. Place container on the ground beside syringe
  6. Pick up the syringe by the middle of the barrel using tongs or gloved hands
  7. Place syringe into the sharps container sharp end first
  8. Secure lid of the sharps container
  9. Remove gloves and wash your hands

What if I Don’t have a Sharps Container?

  1. Put used syringe in a strong plastic container (Do not use coffee cans or water bottles — they are not puncture resistant)

2. Put Plastic Container in the Trash – DO NOT RECYCLE

Sharps containers

Chicago Recovery Alliance provides free FDA-Approved sharps containers, sterile syringes, and sharps disposal locations (Link to where van is today page). Please contact us for more information.

Check out community sharps disposal programs in an area near you.

For more resources check out “What to do if you find a syringe” Poster and Brochure by the Indiana Recovery Alliance.

  Poster   Brochure