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How A Former Heroin Addict Helps Others Avoid Overdosing

Steve Kamenicky, known on the street as “Ponytail Steve,” is fully aware of the harsh truths about the opioid epidemic having been a heroin addict for four decades. Now that he’s kicked the habit, he helps addicts gain access to a drug called naloxone.

For those addicted to heroin or other opiates, naloxone can mean the difference between life and death.

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Better Vein Care Guide

Better Vein Care/Safer Injection Guide. These 23 images on the poster and postcards represent opportunities for initiating and developing discussions on various aspects related to taking better care of one’s veins and reducing the likelihood of disease transmission through the process of injection.

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CRA Harm Reduction Protocol

This protocol is informed by the practice of Harm Reduction Outreach, as operated by the Chicago Recovery Alliance since January 1992. The refinement of this protocol will facilitate any person interested in practicing Harm Reduction in applying it their population in a manner most consistent with the principles of Harm Reduction. As with all Harm Reduction efforts, this Manual is a work in progress, always looking to make additional positive changes.

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Josh Bamberger’s Abscess Identification and Treatment

This manuscript is intended to be a primer on the care and treatment of skin and soft tissue infection (SSTI) among injection drug users. It is intended for primary care providers, nurses and lay practitioners who care for people who inject drugs in community settings. While incision and drainage is a simple procedure, we recommend that all SSTI be treated by a licensed provider in a controlled environment. However, if a licensed provider is not available, we hope that this manuscript will assist all people working with drug users to treat people living with SSTI in a manner that reduces suffering to the greatest extent possible.

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Treatment and Other Referral Expediting Service (TORES)

CRA’s Treatment and Other Referral Expediting Service (TORES) which assist people access the risk reduction service of their choosing. CRA recognizes that risk reduction is a process that involves many different areas and an effective referral system is crucial for any one component in order to be an effective service provider.

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