2017 Chicagoans of the Year: The Overdose Reverser

If you weren’t looking, you’d miss it: a silver van the size of an ice cream truck parked at North and California and emblazoned with the words Chicago Recovery Alliance. Step inside, and you’ll find a whirl of activity: volunteers drawing blood for hepatitis C tests, hazmat bins being filled with used syringes, opiate users stocking up on needles, cookers, alcohol swabs, even bike inner tubes to tie off with. At the center of it all is CRA’s director, Dan Bigg.

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Consequences of the Hepatitis C Infection

A visual representation of the consequences of hepatitis C infection. Includes information of the number of people who clear the virus themselves, the number who develop long term infections, and details of long term heath risks from having hepatitis C/

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Where are we today?

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