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Volunteer Management Guide

CRA operates a volunteer-based program of Harm Reduction Outreach with syringe exchange. Accordingly, the utmost attention is paid to the volunteer base of CRA. While CRA’s Guidelines and Operating Procedures spells out the specifics of on-site work for volunteers, this Volunteer Orientation Guide describes the specific plans CRA has for recruiting, training, supporting and assisting the growth of CRA volunteers.


Observation Phase

After expressing an initial interest in volunteer possibilities with CRA, potential volunteers are invited to come to one or more outreach sites to observe the outreach in action. This action serves as a low pressure opportunity to take in the activities of the outreach with no demands of involvement. CRA feels that under these circumstances a person can make the best choice as to their level of interest in further participation in CRA activities as a volunteer. Typically, observation of CRA’s outreach produces an appreciation for the work and either a willingness to join the team or the insight that the person is not ready to join this work at this time. Potential volunteers are encouraged to connect with the visceral as well as the intellectual impact observing the outreach produces in them and these reactions are discussed with the Site Organizer during and at the end of the site.

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