Webinar: Overdose Prevention and Response

Opioid-involved overdose death has become a major health crisis. Laypeople with no medical training whatsoever can easily, safely, and legally be trained to save the life of someone who is experiencing an opioid overdose. This training is designed for people who work in social service or who might witness an overdose. Friends, family, community members and people who use drugs are also welcome.

Attendees of this 60-minute training session will learn:

  • The current context for the opioid overdose epidemic in Chicago
  • The role of opiates in an overdose
  • How naloxone works
  • The signs and symptoms of an overdose and how to check if someone is overdosing
  • Steps for responding to an overdose and administering naloxone
  • The importance of monitoring someone after naloxone has been administered
  • Fentanyl involved overdoses
  • Overdose prevention counseling
  • Where to get supplies and more information

Attendees will also have the opportunity to sign up to pick up supplies at Chicago Recovery Alliance outreach locations.

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