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Chemsex Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to give harm reduction organizations and syringe services programs an overview of chemsex We have received questions about booty-bumping and supplies for a kit, how to reach communities of men who have sex with men who are engaged in chemsex, and what supplies and resources to have available for sex workers using stimulants. As providers of harm reduction services, we have an obligation to ensure adequate resources for all clients.

Resources on chemsex have mostly come from our friends in Europe. While valuable, their experiences are specific to their communities and the laws of their countries. Additionally, these resources often limit their scope to men who have sex with men, ignoring the fact that other communities also engage in chemsex.

The toolkit includes:

  • the communities impacted and the range of use
  • a description of the different substances being used,including their effects
  • what to expect when using
  • how to stay safe
  • a summary of education to provide participants
  • the importance of peers
  • harm reduction strategies
  • the role technology plays in chemsex

We have also designed appendices that include a menu of kits that harm reduction programs can put together for participants, a glossary of common terms used in chemsex, and a guide to chemsex party planning.

Download toolkit