Job Opportunity: Community Overdose Prevention Program Manager

We are looking for a full time team member at CRA; This position requires strong initiative and willingness to support all staff and assist in the coordination of volunteers in conducting effective disease prevention. The right candidate will also have a proven commitment to the field of Harm Reduction and a desire to respectfully collaborate with People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) to assist any positive change as a person describes it for themselves. This is a high intensity job and the right candidate will have a willingness to engage in team work and the ability to work independently.

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Overdose prevention in a time of COVID

We are so pleased at how many people and organizations have come out of the woodwork to help ensure the safety and survival of people who use drugs in the context of COVID-19. We’ve seen a surge of interest in overdose prevention and naloxone. The new surge reminds us of the importance of remembering history and the basics. So we’ve put together some notes for you.

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T-Shirt Design Contest

CRA needs your help! We know how many creative folk there are in our community, so we are running a T-shirt design contest with a first prize of $150, second $100 and third $50.

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We are writing to acknowledge and address the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID19) pandemic, and in particular how it is spreading and emerging in Chicago. As providers of harm reduction services we are committed to ensuring our participants have access to safe and plentiful harm reduction materials at all times, and especially in times of crisis. However, we also recognize that the folks we work with may be especially at risk for the spread of viral diseases like COVID-19.

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Should Chicago open safe sites for drug users? There’s already a makeshift network — and it’s saving lives

In abandoned buildings, encampments, vacant lots and other secluded areas throughout the city, drug users have found spaces where they can be watched over while using drugs. This makeshift network — hundreds of places, recovery workers estimate — has grown as groups have distributed naloxone more widely over the last two decades.

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