Meet CRA’s Board of Directors

Helping to steer us on our way
The Chicago Recovery Alliance Board of Directors is made up from a group of our most passionate supporters.

Erica C. Ernst

Erica C. Ernst
Erica has been a dedicated volunteer with CRA for the last 11 years and became the President of the Board of Directors in 2018. She is invested in the lives and rights of drug users. In addition to doing street and van outreach, she is also a founding and active member of the Drug Users Health Collective of Chicago and the Chicago Drug Users Union.

Amy-Jo Brown

Amy-Jo Brown
Amy-Jo came to CRA as a volunteer and did not really know what to expect. She personally came from Recovery, where abstinence was the way… but she realized that not everyone’s journey included recovery. AJ had people very close to her for whom recovery was not in the cards. In some cases, overdose and death was the end result. She needed to believe there was a way to help them stay as safe as possible and if she could be a part of that, she wanted to know everything that was out there. So AJ came to where stigma does not exist and there is safety in numbers. She’s fallen in love with what CRA and all of its staff and volunteers stand for…. so much so that she volunteered to join the Board. Harm Reduction Rocks!

Larry Hills

Larry Hills
Larry became a part of CRA through Heartland Alliance through his recovery coach. He became a community health educator in March 2018 and some life-saving events with close friends and family made him more interested in working with CRA. He is excited to keep learning more!

Matteo Rosen

Matteo Rosen
Matteo Rosen joined the CRA board in 2019. Prior to this, he served as a naloxone trainer and community health educator and outreach worker, both at CRA and with the San Francisco Drug Users Union.

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