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Key summary of six US-based naloxone distribution programs

Distinguishing signs of opioid overdose and indication for naloxone: An evaluation of six naloxone training and distribution programs in the United States by Traci C. Green, Robert Heimer, Lauretta E. Grau. This includes information on Chicago, New Mexico, San Francisco, Baltimore, and two sites in New York City



Chicago’s overdose management training, conducted by the Chicago Recovery Alliance (CRA), has been in place since 2001 and informally since 1997. CRA staff or outreach workers who have completed a 4-hour training, demonstrated their participant training ability to senior staff, and passed a written overdose knowledge test conduct the trainings. People interested in being trained to respond to overdoses including naloxone administration come to the CRA van or to the drop-in center/needle exchange for trainings, or are patients enrolled in CRA’s mobile methadone treatment program. Trainings are conducted in group, pairs or one-on-one, as needed. Prior to training, a medical history is collected on all participants…

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