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Manning the SSDP table

Yesterday, I spent some time manning one of the tables at the Students For Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) Conference in Rosemont! As always, I left knowing that somehow my presence there is to make a difference! I also left having learned just how meaningful this cause is to many people worldwide!

After listening to some of the guest speakers, I have come to understand my role in this cause just a little bit better! As much as I can relate to many of the moving stories that resonate in these spaces, I also realize that even more than personally, there is an audience present and willing to take this cause to a higher level! It’s quite moving to see students from colleges worldwide, gathered together in the same room, so focused on implementing change to a system so broken!

Many of these students may very well go on to become judges, or politicians or medical students. Some of the best teachers the world has known, come from a world of adversity! We learn from past mistakes! To be able to convey the need for change comes from within! It is a part of the soul that lives within us, that drives us to make this world a better place than how we found it! No good cause was ever won unless our up and coming youth fought to see it through! So many good causes have been fought tooth and nail on college campuses! Through protests voicing the opinions of ordinary people like you and I!

It’s enough to convince anyone that hope still exists!

Stephan Kamenicky