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Tag: Protocols

CRA Harm Reduction Protocol

This protocol is informed by the practice of Harm Reduction Outreach, as operated by the Chicago Recovery Alliance since January 1992. The refinement of this protocol will facilitate any person interested in practicing Harm Reduction in applying it their population in a manner most consistent with the principles of Harm Reduction. As with all Harm Reduction efforts, this Manual is a work in progress, always looking to make additional positive changes.

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Treatment and Other Referral Expediting Service (TORES)

CRA’s Treatment and Other Referral Expediting Service (TORES) which assist people access the risk reduction service of their choosing. CRA recognizes that risk reduction is a process that involves many different areas and an effective referral system is crucial for any one component in order to be an effective service provider.

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Volunteer Management Guide

CRA operates a volunteer-based program of Harm Reduction Outreach with syringe exchange. Accordingly, the utmost attention is paid to the volunteer base of CRA. While CRA’s Guidelines and Operating Procedures spells out the specifics of on-site work for volunteers, this Volunteer Orientation Guide describes the specific plans CRA has for recruiting, training, supporting and assisting the growth of CRA volunteers.

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